Youth’s response to latest news ticker and timeline facelift by Facebook

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First let me explain what’s I’m actually talking about – You must have noticed that Facebook news feeds has a different look with feeds divided by timelines. Now you can see number updates since your last login and click on them to view.

Its an attempt by Facebook to add customization to news feeds, but as per the survey conducted by a reputed firm this facelift failed badly with a rejection by almost 80 percent of youth.

As per the survey, 59 percent of Facebook users said they don’t like the feature at all but would continue with the social networking site, no matter how annoying and confusing it is.

Rest 21 percent are ready to move onto Google+ but continue using Facebook but with a lesser intent. They further said, its the time to try other platforms and see who better quenched their thirst for social networking.

And some 6 percent users are very annoyed with the updation and are planning to leave Facebook forever, most switching to Google+.

Social networking sites are riding on the shoulders of youth, they want to customize everything right from their shoes to the look of their social networking profile. But the latest facelift of Facebook news ticker feeds went wrong horribly. As per their verdict, the latest updation by Facebook makes it difficult, rather confusing for Facebook users to correctly identity and check the relevant updates/feeds of their friends. For users, who are used to view deathly feeds by scrolling up and down, its difficult to incorporate feeds divided by time.

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