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WordPress and Blogger are the two main contenders for free blog hosting. Bloggers often ask what they should choose as a blog service for them, wordpress or blogger.  Here are difference between these two blog hosts in terms of features and suitability which will guide you in choosing perfect blog service for you.

Comparing features of wordpress or blogger? 

  1. Blogger dashboard has got more number of features but is unusual without JavaScript whereas wordpress dashboard renders fast and dial-up users can post their entry using mobile interface.
  2. In wordpress, you have no template editing and style sheet editing is available only as a paid version. Blogger now has a many easy-to-customize templates.
  3. Both have got built-in visitor stats
  4. As far as domain names are concerned, blogger has a free domain name mapping which is a paid upgrade in wordpress
  5. WordPress doesn’t allow any JavaScript whereas blogger allows third-party scripts
  6. Bloggers gives only 1 Gigabyte of image storage which is higher 3 Gigabytes in case of wordpress. With wordpress, you can also upload .doc, .ppt, .odt and pdf files.
  7. Both the blog hosts submit your posts via email. Contact forms are no available in bloggers whereas with wordpress you can add tag to any page or post.

What suits you better:  wordpress or blogger?

If you are confused of using blogger or wordpress, then this can help you in finding out which one suits you. WordPress will suit you if following are true for you

  1. You want to have professionalism using good strategies for your blog
  2. Without CSS and HTML, you want to get a professional look
  3. Want to invest more on the blog
  4. Regardless of knowing the authors or not, you want  to have guest authors
  5. Without putting in much effort you want to good in SEO

Whereas blogger suits you if you

  1. Want to make it professional using XHTML and CSS
  2. Want to have good SEO with great strategies
  3. Do not want to spend more
  4. Do not want guest authors
  5. Do not want multiple authors except for those whom you know individually
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