Windows 8 Release Preview Guide Available For Download

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We have already informed our readers about the final trial of next generation Windows OS i.e; windows 8 ,windows8Windows 8 Release Preview which was released on 1st June 2012 for all users to download. And now we bring you the Windows 8 Release Preview Guide just released by Microsoft for Windows 8 current and potential users.

Those users who were unable to download and get the hands-on experience can learn more about Windows 8 Release Preview and Windows 8 final iterations through the user guide that Microsoft has just published.

You may think there is nothing special about user guide, but it will certainly open your eyes to some of the main enhancements that the Windows 8 possess. Windows 8 Release Preview is the redesigned Windows 7 and Windows 8 Customer Preview to focus more on user’s life.

It works the way you do and it keeps you connected to the people, websites, and things you love most. Apps are at the heart of Windows 8. Beautifully designed for your connected lifestyle, apps integrate with the services you already use. Keep in touch with friends, browse the web, and store data in the cloud. It’s all possible. No matter how you work and play, you can customize Windows 8 and work the way you want, whenever you want.

Made for business and home PCs, Windows 8 can handle your tasks. And if you’re a
developer, the Windows Store provides you with unprecedented opportunity.

windows 8 ,windows8

Windows 8 RP User Guide Snapshot (Click to enlarge)

Some of the important features mentioned in user guide are:

Windows 8 is cloud-connected-

Microsoft account is like a portable, personal PC that appears on any Windows 8
device you’re using. Sign in to your Windows 8 device with your Microsoft account and
you’re immediately connected to the people, files, and settings you care about. Your PC
comes to life with all the things that make Windows yours, including your Start page,
themes, language preferences, browsing history, and browser favorites. You can connect
your favorite services to your Microsoft account, too—services like Microsoft Hotmail,
Microsoft Messenger, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. And you can immediately get to your photos, docs, and other files, whether they’re on Microsoft SkyDrive, Facebook,
Flickr, or other services.

Loaded with all the apps you want-

Apps are the heart of Windows 8. You’ll be able to get up to speed quickly with a set
of built-in apps for the things you do the most. Designed for your connected lifestyle,
these apps integrate with the services you already use.

Windows 8 Store-

In the Windows Store, you can search for or browse thousands of apps, all grouped in easy-to-find categories. We highlight great apps for you and provide quick access to frequently
downloaded apps. You can also see how other people have rated apps. You’ll always know
what’s interesting, new, and popular.
All of the apps you’ll see in the Store for Windows 8 Release Preview are free. After Windows 8 is available, there will also be lots of apps that you can buy. You won’t have to worry about buying something you don’t want because you can try before you buy, if the app supports it. If you try an app and like it, you can buy it and continue using the full app with no interruption. You won’t waste time or lose your place

Supports a wide range of hardware-

With Windows 8, you don’t have to choose between a fun touch device and a hard-working
PC because you can have it both ways. Prefer a mouse and keyboard? Great. Prefer touch?
Enjoy the convenience. Windows 8 will run on amazing hardware, from tablets to laptops to
all-in-ones with large, high-definition screens. Whether you like to stay put or work on the
go, you can enjoy the power, convenience, and versatility of Windows.

Internet Explorer: Reimagined for Windows 8-

Built for speed, Internet Explorer brings you a faster web. By taking advantage of Windows 8 and your device’s hardware, Internet Explorer makes browsing as fast and fluid as everything else on your Windows 8 device. Internet Explorer 10 provides an edge-to-edge, fast, and fluid experience that gives you less browser and more web.

Windows 8 for business-

The way people work has changed dramatically during the last several years. People
use technology in the home and at work interchangeably. They’re mobile and expect
access from anywhere. Technology at home is rapidly becoming central and people
don’t want to give up the convenience of their personal devices and services when
they enter the workplace.

Built on a solid foundation-

Most people don’t think about what’s under the hood—and you certainly don’t need to
with Windows 8. You can rest assured that Windows 8 has the flexibility to meet your needs.
It runs on different hardware systems, such as ultra-thin, ultra-light, and all-in-ones, so you can choose a device that suits you.If you’re used to working with apps like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, they’ll run smoothly with the full power of Windows on the Windows 8 desktop. From the desktop, all the familiar Windows 7 apps and devices are at your fingertips. It’s just as efficient as Windows 7, and it’s got the performance you expect from Windows.

Here is what Microsoft says about its new OS –

“The beautiful, fast, and fluid design is perfect for a range of hardware: from compact, touch-enabled tablets and lightweight laptops, to PCs and large, powerful all-in-ones with high-definition screens.”

“It’s smooth, intuitive, and gives you instant access to your people, apps, and stuff, so you spend less time searching and more time doing.”

Final verdict: Though you might have already tried Windows 8 Consumer Preview, you should try Windows 8 Release Preview and have a look at the guide as it would explain and illustrate you with some of the main features and capabilities of the Windows 8 which may remain unknown to you for long time without going through this guide. Windows 8 Release Preview Guide is loaded with well illustrated pictures and features-we strongly recommend it for all Windows users.


Windows 8 Release Preview Guide (531KB only)

Windows 8 Release Preview setup.iso

For more on Windows 8 visit: Microsoft Windows 8 RP home page

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