Why use Google logo/trademark carefully

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Yesterday I came to know of a very important thing regarding the correct use of Google logo and trademarks in websites. We bloggers, sometimes use logo of Google and its services in a way that’s not allowed by Google in its terms of use. You might not have seen people getting penalized due to such violation but the day is not that far when it would evolve as one of the biggest reason for AdSense  account termination of publishers.

What’s the right use?

Google logo/trademark can be used in webpages, books or any printed materials but unaltered. You can use images of,

  1. Google search results page
  2. Search results indicating sponsored links
  3. Advanced Search result page
  4. Search results for a query

The images can be cropped but not altered in any manner like superimposition of other image, adding blur or any other effects. However, you can use arrows, markers to mark sponsored ads, top results etc.

When using Google logo/trademarks, you should use it in a correct manner with a good spacing from other graphics (25pixel min), ‘Google’ can only be used as adjective not noun or verb, proper capitalization necessary.

Prohibited use of Google logo/trademarks

You can’t use Google logo/trademarks in,

  1. Advertising materials like t-shirts, writing-pad
  2. Sponsorship and events
  3. Goods, products and taglines
  4. Movies, Television or on such media

If you’re intended to use Google logo and trademarks for above mentioned purposes then you can contact Google and ask for permission.

Moreover, Google logo/trademarks should’t be used in a confusing way or in a phrase, should be distinct from your company/work and must not refer to it in any way, shouldn’t be placed alongside objectionable content. You can read more on Google Permission for websites using Google trademarks.

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