Why Twitter has 140 character limit

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When Twitter came onto the scene, many people doubted its success mainly because of it’s 140 character limit. Barring all rumors it amassed more than 200million+ users and new services like re-tweeting and image sharing have been added, yet Twitter character limit is still not not longer than 140.

twitter character limit of 140

Twitter is actually a micro-blogging site i.e blogging with a character limit. This is fair or unfair? The debate is becoming hotter. The negative part is that a user may be restricted to express him fully. But still character limit of 140 characters in twitter seems to be genuine. Just think! What grabs more attention? A caption for a product or the product description! The answer obviously is the caption. Similarly majority will not go over a massive passage you wrote.

The other reason for Twitter 140 character limit could be the technical aspect. At peaks, Twitter can reach as much as 2 million tweets per second and most people consumes all 140 characters in their tweet so there is every chances of server getting overloaded which often gets visible as ‘Twitter is over capacity’.

twitter limited to 140 letters as it can overload

Celebrities are primarily found on Twitter not Facebook. Why? Time is very precious in the present world where scrolls and clicks move the world.  So the precise and well-put-on 140 Twitter characters do the job perfectly. Another factor is that most users of Twitter update their status via mobile phones. Normally a mobile phone message of one page has 160 characters. So the logic is simple. Twitter reserves 20 words to hold the username. The outer 140 characters hold the tweets.

Since mobile users are never going to decrease as indicated by the current trend, the reason is a genuine one. If you look at the broader picture Twitter 140 character limit seems viable and there is practically no need to make tweets longer than 140. Small is beautiful but the other part is only if you think so.

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