Why to choose Facebook apps wisely before using

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You use an app and it magically tells your behavior. You try another app that predicts your marriage. Every other day you use one or the other app. More than 75 percent of Facebook apps are merely for fun. They are unreal and have little to do with reality. But while using such apps you give away lots of information about yourself which is a clear privacy threat.

Like most users, you probably don’t take it too seriously what information an app gathers from you.

User can grant and revoke permissions to a Facebook app.

You should know that very few apps take your profile name and basic information. Most grab big information, right from your friends list to your posted updates and comments. Not only this, apps can view all your activity on Facebook if you allow them. This includes shared photos, videos, likes, location and lots more.

They can save these information to their servers and use in any, right or the wrong manner. A app with 10000 per month users can sell the users email address and location information to online marketers and make big money.

All these activity might seem unlikely to happen but in fact, these things happen more often than not.

choose facebook apps wisely-1

A live example:

Mr. Naik, a Facebook user from Mumbai told us that some days back he started receiving promotional emails on his newly created id. When he inquired and discussed the matter with his friends then he came to know that some of his friends are facing the same issue. All of them used the same app, which had the permission to read email addresses. They immediately figured out the culprit, which is the Facebook app that they used. Such examples are common and happen too often with netizens.

Apps can also publish status updates and comments on your behalf. So its important to take note of the permission you grant before using an application.

choose facebook apps wisely-2

You should carefully read the permission that an app is asking from you before using it. Apps that asks for details like your email address, location, permission to read and make post on your behalf should not be used at all. Though, some apps allow you to opt out of certain permissions.

Personally, I prefer to use apps that takes little information, and never use the one that asks for my email address, or permission to read and write my Facebook posts.

These apps are third party service. They have little to do with Facebook and the social networking giant has less control over how these apps work and use the collected data. Though Facebook T&C for apps clearly prohibits existence of unsafe apps but its not possible for it to monitor each and every app running on its platform.

The Mantra: Choose apps wisely before using them. Most are crappy, so better don’t waste your time on such apps. Use only the most useful ones.

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