Why Privacy policy is must for Google AdSense publishers

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Okay, if you’re having an AdSense account but no privacy policy page on your website then you must add one before Google terminates your account. As per the latest Google AdSense terms, a website must hold correct privacy policy information to ensure a visitor is aware of his details, the website is storing.

Privacy policy is a piece of information that states how a website is fetching and storing visitor’s private information that includes IP address, browser info, geo-location, username and password in cookies and many more.

Is Google very strict on privacy policy?

As this is a latest addition to ‘must have’ category, Google is actually not ‘very’ strict on privacy policy. It gives AdSense publishers good time before account termination, and in most cases tells them if they are violating AdSense terms in any way. They mail the publisher and asks them to rectify the problem within 3 days, and if the problem exists after the given time interval, the account is terminated. Recently a number of publishers lost their AdSense account due to the absence of privacy policy in their website, so its important to create a correct privacy policy with all necessary information included in it.

Why privacy policy is important?

You go to a friend’s house, have laugh together, enjoyed food and stayed a few days. After some time, your friend comes and shows a video recorded during your stay at his home and you being completely unaware of it.

Do you like such a surprise?

You must ask yourself if these are the only videos? Did he recorded anything private between you and your wife? These sort of questions arise in your mind and you’re bound feel a bit insecure and suspicious of his activities.

Privacy policy of a webpage stands parallel to this example. The same situation could arise when you’re online and visit a website. Basically each and every visited website stores your IP address, browser info, ISP and other information by default. In addition to this, Google services like AdSense also stores cookies that contains your encrypted username, password and geo-location details, so its important for a publisher to clearly state such an activity and how they are handling these private info in a separate page called ‘privacy’ or ‘privacy-policy’.

You have given these rights to Google when you registered the AdSense publisher account with them.

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