Why Intel’s Thunderbolt technology is so fast?

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Intel’s Thunderbolt technology would be a hot topic in 2012. It’s the fastest data transfer technology with a speed of over 1200Mbps.

Apple’s devices have it. Other PC and laptop manufacturers, namely Sony, Asus and Acer would start using the technology in 2012.

In our previous post, we had a closer look at Thunderbolt technology, covered its distinguished features and mentioned of its market presence.

Today we’ll discuss of the reason why this technology by Intel is remarkably fast,

  1. Thunderbolt protocol is loosely based on two of the existing and highly successful DisplayPort and PCIe protocol. Thunderbolt protocol ensures that data is packed together when transferred through the cable.

    why Intel's thunderbolt technology is so fast

  2. Besides traffic routing, Thunderbolt offers hot plugging, the concept of connecting and disconnecting devices while running for efficient data transfer.
  3. The big catch in Thunderbolt protocol is the transport layer, which ensures that the connected devices transfer data to and fro independently in both direction at a great speed.

Thunderbolt cables can also be used to transfer power to the connected devices. According to Intel, up to 10 watts can be transferred per Thunderbolt cable.

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