Why India could be a big cloud computing market

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Cloud computing market is growing each day because of the amazing services it provides; applications to promote new small business and has the capability of meeting individual requirements. India is a global hub for a wide range of IT services ranging from hardware to software and networking. And there no reason why India can’t be a base for the cloud based services and empower the world.

With a net value of 56$ billion in 2009 cloud computing market in India would surge to 700$ billion by 2015 as per the reports by IDC. If the market develops so fast it means that there will be more than 300,000 jobs in cloud associated applications and services. Right now, the Indian market has crossed $110 and if the progress rate is the same for next four year, Indian cloud market would be $1.08 billion, according to Research firm Zinnov. Cloud computing provides different services like PaaS as the best platform, IaaS as the wonderful infrastructure and SaaS as the reliable software. These services will make up more than $650 revenue for Indian cloud market.

Large number of cloud service providers across the world should be eyeing the relatively less competitive cloud market in India. There are still big international cloud venders like Google, Amazon, Apple etc, but more than 10 Indian companies have the potential of racing these giants in near future. India, though in the initial days of cloud computing is up with multiple companies like Infosys, Synage, SynapseIndia which are providing services to Indian clients and also all across the globe.

Right now, we have over 8 million medium sized businesses and individuals having very small businesses in India and they can have advantages to improve their business by taking these services. All business solutions are provided over the internet which reduces the cost. This is the main reason that overseas companies are expecting to take these services from Indian market. Small companies are also willing to invest in hosted business software applications, which will make the market more competitive for international companies because Indian companies have the ability develop and improve their own services in cloud computing. On one hand, more jobs would be available and Indian market would have native as well as international clients because of reasonable cost and high quality services.

If we talk in different respect, India is an IT hub due to a number of other reasons that help in nurturing a big cloud computing market for national as well international business houses. For example, more cloud computing companies are being established which results in stiff competition to provide high quality services at cheaper rates. Cloud computing institutes are offering numerous courses in cloud computing and other technical fields which make it easy for students to learn everything here. Students can get affordable education which is quite cheap in comparison to other western counties. If we compare the salaries and working environment in IT sector, India is much better than most countries.

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