Why Google Chrome is Being Deleted From Windows!

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The antiviral software of Microsoft has unknowingly cleared off Google Chrome’s face of the map or they have done so, by finishing off from many users’ windows based computer devices. That is seriously an amazing thing.

This issue has developed, when a bug has occurred in the antiviral security suite of the company and an inconspicuous software slice has dubbed Microsoft Security Essentials.  This act is a freebie usage which has packed original antivirus and malware scanning. Now, about this act, Microsoft is calling it as an anti annoying under the splashy selling slides over the site of the product.

Expecting the role and part, when it has been frustrating Google Chrome users for hacking out. As it has been outright or disabled abusing the browser from PCs windows and is calling it a Trojan horse. About same issue, one user has come up with his experience and has written over Google Chrome’s message board on last Friday that he has been using this browser in his office from last one year and when on that morning, he has started his computer. Suddenly a windows security box has appeared in front of him and has reflected that my pc requires a security problem and which should be rectify.

After getting this message the user has clicked over the details option and has seen ‘PWS:Win 32/Zbot’. And then the user has clicked over removed option and then has restarted his computer. The result was seriously astonishing, as Chrome has lost from the pc. It seems as it has been deleted or uninstalled. As a result the file of Chrome.exe has lost. Now, the question is; if it is seriously an issue or just a technique to be connected to Google of Microsoft.

Thus entire experience seems either as if it is certainly an issue of chrome or it can be a marketing technology of Microsoft to be connected with Google or so on. On this issue Microsoft has said about screwing up the chrome that a wrong detection for PWS: Win32/Zbot has found and for its result, Google Chrome has blocked. Thus as a result the function has removed from the system of users.

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