Why Facebook is such a big hit in India while Twitter isn’t

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India has the third largest share of Facebook users in the world after US and Indonesia but Twitter users are very few. Only notable Indian celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar, Shashi Tharoor and Priety Zinta are active on Twitter while many others leave their account dormant for ages after registration.

So, why the variation is so big when we compare two of the hottest social networking sites in the world.

After a long discussion with my friend, I found out some reasons why Facebook is such a hit in India while Twitter isn’t.

Here, we won’t be digging technical ups and downs, rather focus on human nature and their perspective towards these two services.

Let’s start,

Twitter is problematic, Facebook isn’t

Nobody would like to use a service that’s unavailable 1 out of 8 times. Yes, we have to admit that Twitter page usually fails to load (in single attempt) and the server often overloads due to heavy inflow of tweets.

On the contrary, Facebook is pretty good in performance, especially for Indian users where 60 percent users are devoid of broadband.

Indians like making friends

That’s true and everybody knows how friendly we Indians are; we love to make new friends, it doesn’t matter we know them or not. Initially, we were stationed at Orkut then gradually shifted to Facebook to quench our thirst for socializing with new and old mates. So Facebook is the best place not Twitter, right?

We love to gossip

Our tongue is pretty restless; whether its an Indian male or a female, we love to talk open-hearted while dealing online. Sharing views, posting comments and gossiping using many other ways gives us relief that no ointment could ever provide.

Gossiping gets more spicy when you find an ‘unknown’ sending a friend request and once you accept it, you can see him/her online at 12 midnight. Diving feeling, isn’t it?

Love to be engaged

Be it love or a Facebook app, we love to remain engaged in interesting things for long hours. In facebook, you find a lot of amazing services and apps that are so addictive that you afford to leave your job and wife (for sometime!).

In Twitter, you can just tweet, re-tweet, view some images, use a few apps and that’s all. It doesn’t have things that could induce appetite in Indian users.

We listen to our heart

This is good but sometimes turns out to criminal. Most Indians think from their heart rather than brain; they love to do things that satisfies their senses. We all know that Facebook kills our useful time, can land us in serious trouble with boss but still we attribute our most precious time to Mr. Zuckerberg’s baby without thinking of repercussions that might be around.

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