Why Facebook group chat is a privacy breach, confusing and annoying

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Yesterday I saw people going wild in Facebook group chat, one innocent guy from Thailand was abused by some who were throwing all sorts of ??? words at him. I was busy watching a typical Bollywood masala but soon shifted to their word-war and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, later I felt the pinch of how this, Facebook group chat is a major privacy breach for all of us. Invasion of facebook created funeral for orkut and so like many other sites. But still facebook can’t be claimed as the best likely to be available to the present century breeds.

Facebook surely has a few drawbacks and is often accused of privacy breach of its users. The most prominent among them is the annoying and confusing nature of the Facebook group chat.

facebook group chat is a privacy breach as you can chat with anybody

  1. Even a person not in your friend’s list gets the chance to chat with you. A newbie can get confused, rather scared to see such activities in his Facebook account.
  2. In Facebook group chat if you chatted with the currently available members in the group via group chat, then when a member of group signs in later he will be able to see your chat. This is a reason why Facebook group chat is a privacy breach of its users.
  3. Your friends can simply drag you to any chat groups without your notice. This is really not a great thing to happen as the next time when you login you see various notifications irrelevant to you. You may really become annoyed as you may be awaiting comments and likes on your stylish photo which you uploaded in your previous login.

You personally have to go and unsubscribe these annoying groups to ensure your privacy breach is checked. Facebook group chat is for people who can knows the pros and cons of it and for newbies Facebook group chat is a privacy breach, confusing and annoying.

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