4 reasons why Aakash tablet delayed to January 2012

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Students are eagerly waiting to get their hands the cheapest tablet, Aakash. They are supposed to get it through their college, but barring some IIT and NIT’s no other college have received the tablets till now.

Initially, the scheduled date for Aakash tablet availability for common people was announced as November 2011, but later shifted to December ’11 and now its again delayed to January 2012. Damn frustrating, isn’t?

Why Aakash tablet delayed?

Definitely, a million dollar question and we have somehow unearthed the reasons why such a repeated delay is occurring. Some of the reasons appears genuine while some are a bit unreal to digest. Lets see them one by one,

  1. More Improvements: Datawind, the company who developed Aakash tablet says that they are applying the suggestions for improvement given by the students of IIT Rajasthan after their hands-on review of the tablet. As per a Datawind insider, the company is trying to make the tablet near perfect product and that’s why there is delay in advent of Aakash tablets in the market. This one sounds very much genuine.
  2. 3 lac+ pre-orders: The cheapest tablet, Aakash has got more than 3 lac orders before its market launch and Datawind is work hard to quench these orders. Also, the manufacturing rate of Aakash tablets is much slower than the soaring demand. The tablet is delayed to further analyse the potential customers and steps required to maintain pace with the demand.
  3. Less manufacturing centers: Previously, Datawind had just one manufacturing plant for Aakash tablet, it’s located at Hyderabad. It was insufficient in quenching the increasing demands, so Datawind started 2 more manufacturing centers, one at Noida and another one at Cochin to meet the escalating orders.

    No wonder, all these set-up is time consuming and could be a big reason in pushing the dates further and further.

  4. Inefficient management: Like any other product, Aakash tablet distribution is also facing some sort of management problems. Opening 2 centres at last time i.e in Oct-Nov 2011 is beyond comprehension. Moreover, neither Government nor Datawind had an idea of the approximate number of demands that might come out.

In India, Aakash tablets is developed by Quad on behalf of Datawind, a London based company.

You can buy the tablet only in January 2012, and like many other previous dates this might shift too.

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