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What you like to read? A Romantic novel, a thriller, or a book that has little bit of everything, say a romantic-thriller. Choosing a new book to read is not an easy thing but Whichbook is here for your rescue.

read books that matches your taste

Whichbook is a site with 4 million books to read from different genres – Epic, Lyric, Drama, Romance, Satire, Tragedy, Comedy, Tragicomedy etc.

You can choose the sort of books you want, could be a single genre or a combination of several. Using a slider you can push your choices and the system will come up with recommend books.

You can select upto 4 factors/generes and then drag slider to set your choice.

Once you choose the book(s) from recommend ones, you can borrow as well as purchase them. Borrowing facility is only available within UK but you can buy books from anywhere in the world through Amazon.

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