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Writing is an Art, it comes from within. To be a good writer requires reading a lot; when you are a good reader, you can be a good writer too. In the modern scenario everything is evolving and so the writing as well. This is silicone age and writing has moved one step further to website writing aka website content writing.

This article is about how to write engaging web pages.

Understand the Magic of Keywords- Imagine you are caught in the windstorm, mid way of a desert, you are thirsty; would you not repeatedly think ‘water’ back in your mind. Modern readers connect to internet for solving problems and getting ideas. A reader is like someone in urgent need of water; his / her mid is occupied with a certain keyword or idea for which he / she is searching. This engagement of a reader’s with certain stuff is called keyword or key phrase in the language of Internet.

Suppose you are writing a website page about ‘how to prepare 5 years old for day nursery’. Think who are your audiences and what key word or phrase they will put on a search engine when looking for help related sending 5 years kid to nursery school. Include all such related keywords and phrases in your article piece. You can make best possible keywords for your website page.

Do some Research- You are writing a help manual about sending smaller kids to school. Do some research around habits of 5 year old kids; fix what difficulties parents may face when sending a small child to school. How a small kid would change his habit from playing around to go to school. What factors parents should consider before sending a small kid to school. Which kind of school will be suitable? What facilities may a child need in school?

Think around so when parents land your page, they may thank you for writing useful stuff. Do not over inform or ill inform. Do not discuss in your writing anything which yourself can’t understand.

Web is full of information. You can check other writers’ pages for information but do not copy or reproduce others work. If you do so, you are always in danger of getting caught in legal mesh and chances are that your content will turn substandard. Train yourself well before starting your writing journey.

Be Technically Correct- A 5 years old kid can not board school bus self. Be technically correct. You can write for any niche, given you have sound knowledge in the domain. Write money making tips or how to of cooking pasta, it’s always ok to put your thought in writing when you are master of the game. If you are not work under some masters first, gain experience from senior writers, read a lot related to your interests and then embark on your writing journey. Slow but steady that wins the race is the mantra of successful website content writing.

Smaller Is Better- Write in smaller sentences and shorter paragraphs; take use of images, videos and audios and charts etc wherever required. Write creative content which has power to engage user. Mind it, an audience is on your website for solving a problem. Write in simple words, especially if you are writing for web; keep your words simple as much as you can. This is because your users may come from any geography; their knowledge of language may differ widely. Hence simplicity is the key for developing satisfied user base.

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