Top 10 Weak Passwords to Avoid for Email Accounts

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Be it your Gmail, Facebook or bank account, passwords are important in all. They are the keys to unlock those private things that we don’t want rest of the world to see. Despite being so important to us, we seldom give a heed on keeping a strong password to prevent it from attacking.

Weak Passwords to Avoid for Email AccountsEveryday as many as 10,000 accounts are compromised, and the most common reason for this is the weak passwords that people keep.

Even most of you guys reading this would be having your phone number or name as password. These are easily guessable, and such weak passwords can be broken using a simple bruteforce attack.

In the blog, we’re enlisting 10 of the weakest passwords that people keep,

  1. Phone number – As many as 37% people keep their phone number or phone number of their family member as their password. The main reason for phone number being a preferred choice is that it can be easily memorized. Its not a safe password since attackers – a friend or close relative could enter phone number and gain access to bank and email accounts of a user.
  2. password – Yes, this is the password of as many as 7% of internet users. Its really weird to think how this would provide any safety to an email account.
  3. 123456 – Another password that’s as good as hell, yet 11% believe in these numerals to provide security to their email accounts.
  4. 12345678 – Just an extension of previous one, its a password for those who can’t find a good 8 characters long password as required by some websites for registration.
  5. abcdef – The alphabetic version of 123456 is abcdef. A large contingent of netizens go for this alphabetical series. Its indeed an another weak password and we all must avoid.
  6. 111111 – Another bad password that people don’t stop keeping simply because its easier to type. Never keep this otherwise you’re account is gone without you knowing anything about it.
  7. qwerty – There is one more alphabetical series that’s famous among users as email account password. Being famous, its easily guessable too.
  8. Name or Nickname of self/wife/son/daughter/girlfriend – More than 25% guys keep name of their wife, son, daughter as password. This too isn’t secure as a known attacker could easily try these and break into an account without much fuss.
  9. Name of favorite sportsman/food/color/dress – People little-geeky tend to keep name of their ex, favorite sportsman or food as their password. Though its comparatively safer but still not that hard to guess.
  10. Car/Bike Number, Bank account – This again may look little safe but still prone to attacks. As many as 4% users keep either their car or bike number or bank account number as their password and attackers know that, that’s why should be avoided.

Do you have any of these passwords, or anything similar? If yes, then you’ve got a weak password and you must change it. I’ve came across lot of guys who had their Facebook and Gmail accounts taken over by attackers. This may happen to you too, so its time to take a step and set a strong, unguessable password.

A strong password is of alphanumeric-type with more than 8 characters. Alphanumeric passwords are a combination of alphabets(a to z), numerals(0 to 9) and special characters(!&%#$). Such passwords aren’t guessable and can’t be broken in less than 111 years so its virtually unbreakable.

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