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The 3D scene is bursting with new ideas and technologies. More and more videos are now being shot in 3D. Movie screens are offering special 3D glasses to make use of the popping effects of the added dimension.

Taking the 3D revolution out of special screens, YouTube now offers a large number of user-uploaded videos that can be viewed right on your computer screen.

To allow your uploaded video to be viewed in 3D on YouTube, simply add “&yt3d:enable=true” to the tags. Your video will now sport a 3D option at the bottom of the player screen.

Here are a few ways in which you can watch 3D videos on YouTube  :

Cross – eyed mode

Requirements : A Pair of eyes and a video shot in cross – eyed mode.

This method like all others works by superimposing two slightly displaced images into one and fooling the brain into providing an impression of depth. Although it requires some practice from the user, the rewards are sizable.

These 3D videos show two frames side-by-side running simultaneously. You are required to focus your eyes in such a way that the two frames coincide into one. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Place your finger in front of your eyes, in line with the nose. Focus on the finger.
  2. Move the finger till you see the two frames divide into three. The middle frame is the superimposed 3D version.

You can also shoot your own videos that can be viewed in this mode. To do this, place two cameras side-by-side at a distance close to that between normal human eyes. Then paste them together side-by-side using a video-editing software.

To watch such 3D videos on YouTube:

  1. Click on the 3D option at the bottom of the video.
  2. Click on the “No glasses” entry.
  3. Select the “Cross-eyed” option from the menu that appears.

Anaglyphic mode

Requirements :  Red-blue 3D glasses, video that supports such viewing.

The most commonly used mode when watching 3D videos. The left video image is tinted blue and the right video image is tinted red. Both videos are then overlaid on top of each other giving 3D depth to the image. Simply grab a pair of red-blue glasses and you’re done.

On YouTube:

  1. Click on the 3D button at the bottom of the video.
  2. Select “Change viewing mode”.
  3. Select the required set of glasses(red-blue or red-cyan).

NVIDIA 3D vision

Requirements : NVIDIA 3D vision enabled screen, supported GeForce graphics card, NVIDIA 3D vision glasses

This technology attempts to create totally immersive 3D Gaming experience. It transforms games into full 3D right out of the box.

Watching YouTube 3D videos when you have a HTML5 enabled browser:

Select the option that says “HTML5 3D stereo view” from the 3D menu.

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