How to wake PC from sleep automatically

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Sleep function in PC allows a computer to save its state and go in less power consumption mode. On returning from sleep, the opened files and folders continue to execute in the same manner.

Normally, we have to press power button to return back a computer from sleep mode. But this can be done automatically.

Lets see how,

1. Open ‘Task Scheduler’ in your Windows. This program allows users to run a specific program at a particular point of time.

task scheduler-11

2. Click on ‘Create Task’.

wake pc from sleep automatically

3. Provide a name to task. Lets we call it as ‘Wake PC automatically from sleep mode’. Enable ‘Run with highest privileges’ to make sure the task runs with the highest priority.

automatically wake pc from sleep at particular time

4. In triggers tab, first click ‘New’ to create a new trigger. In the opened window, add the time when you want the PC to wake up from sleep.

add time to wake computer from sleep at particular time

5. In conditions tab, check ‘Wake the computer to run this task’ option. This ensures our task is performed in every situation, whether its running normally or is in sleep mode. If its in sleep mode, the computer is first waken and then the task is executed.

wake computer from sleep automatically at particular time

6. We cannot just wake PC from sleep. We need to execute some task for which the PC would return to normal mode from sleep (which we want). As we’ve already defined the time, next step is to add an action.

In Actions tab, provide the command cmd.exe with /c “exit” argument – a null action, eventually doing nothing.

automatically wake laptop from sleep at particular time

7. Save the recently created task. That’s all!

8. Now put computer to sleep and let it automatically awaken from it at 12:24:09, as defined above.

put laptop to sleep to awake automatically

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