VoIP service launched by BSNL with optimum call rates

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VOIP service is ready to enter your home with BSNL launching the service on 18th July ’11. The project is a result of the joint venture between BSNL and Sai Infosystems Ltd. It’s already launched in Ahmadabad and expected to roll out to other states of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Chattisgarh very soon. BSNL seems to be opting for states where they expect maximum users. VoIP service launched by BSNL could mark the beginning of low cost VOIP service in the country where about 264 VOIP service providers exists but none of them provide digestible call rates.

What is VOIP?

Voice over IP is a service wherein users can make audio and video calls using internet instead of a regular phone line. Basically one can send any form of multimedia data – audio, video, animation, video footage, text and other mixed data types across the internet. With VoIP, you can make video and audio calls from – internet to internet and internet to landlines or mobiles. You must have used Skype which is by far the biggest and most famous VoIP service around. Be it large or small but all VoIP service providers offer services consuming some amount from you. However you can try those (with limited) features for trial before making your mind to purchase a subscription.

Call Rates of BSNL VoIP service

For using VoIP service launched by BSNL, subscribers have to pay an initial subscription of Rs150 (rental). The price of the VoIP service in India will cost 40 paise per minute for audio calls and Rs 2 per minute for video calls. Landline Calls to UK and USA would ask you to pay Rs 1.20 per minute while mobile calls are expensively located at Rs. 7.20. We should tap the back of BSNL for keeping such a price – manageable for common man. At this point of time we shouldn’t compare BSNL VoIP with Skype as BSNL is a mere starter in VoIP sector while Skype is the ‘daddy of VoIP’.

Why would someone use BSNL VoIP if Skype is there?

This the biggest question for BSNL to answer! BSNL has to somehow assure the users of reliability and quality of their service. With high installation cost, maintenance cost and continuous threat surrounding the VoIP channel, BSNL must ensure everything is managed yet keeping price as low as possible. Considering BSNL’s report card, success of BSNL VoIP service is pretty evident. However, coming days would give a definitive answer to this question. Let’s wait and watch…

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