Use one app on different smartphones with Boot to Gecko

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Run a single app on all devices with Boot to GeckoCan you use Facebook apps on Twitter, or any other app off its ecosystem?

No app can work out of its environment. Some customization must be done in running an app in different smartphone OS.

Now, with Mozilla’s Gecko engine called Boot to Gecko, a web application can be used in multiple smartphone devices without any alteration.

Its like using xyz android app on an iPad device.

With this revelation, Mozilla is trying to establish a new web API wherein one app can used on all smartphone devices irrespective of its fueling operating system.

Previously, an app developer has to make changes in its app to make it available for different OS environment (android, iOS, Windows Phone etc). An app for android can’t thus be used in Windows Phone or iOS but this can be made possible with Boot to Gecko.

This experiment by Mozilla acts as an interface between apps and the underlying hardware of smartphone. B2G would fully supports HTML5, CSS3 and has its own API that controls how an app will be perceived and deployed in different smartphones.

The central element of the system is Firefox’s Gecko engine that’s installed on an android kernel. The project is still in its nappy days and currently tested only on Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone. Code and details are hosted at

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