Can I use Infolinks and AdSense ads together on the same page?

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Yes, both Infolinks ads and AdSense ads can be placed on the same page, even next to each other without any problem. It won’t violate terms of any of these service. Ads from both these online advertising services complement each other well, being visually different from each other. In fact, you can use ads of other advertising services like Clicksor, Chitika with AdSense without any issue.

Google TOS clearly states this on its website. It says,

“Publishers can put ads from third parties on the same page as AdSense ads, even next to each other subjected to the fact that both ads must have a different formatting and color combination. In other words, website visitors must know that both these ads are served by different ad networks and have no association to each other.”

Source: Google Support

And, even if you (mistakenly) violate this rule then AdSense team would first inform you through email and ask to make changes before taking any action.

Furthermore, here are some tips on placing Infolinks and AdSense ads together on a page,

  1. Always keep sufficient distance between the two ads (ie Infolinks and AdSense). Avoid placing them next to each other many do with AdSense ads.
  2. ‘Infold’ infolinks ads appear at the bottom of the page. They may cover AdSense ad placed at the bottom of your content. This is a violation of AdSense terms hence you must avoid using this Infolinks format when having an AdSense ad at the bottom of your page.

    infolinks infold ad with adsense ad

  3. ‘InFrame’ and ‘InScreen’ Infolinks ads are innovative and best revenue generating ads. They are completely different to AdSense ads, hence suggested for using on the website.

    adsense and infolinks inscreen ad format

    adsense ad and infolinks inframe ad format

  4. Though less useful but ‘Intag’ ad can be used, but it must be placed away and with a different color format than AdSense text ads. If placed close to each other, with similar color formats, you could violate AdSense terms.

Most website owners and even I use Infolinks and AdSense ads on my other website for few months now without any problem. You could do this as well and add an another revenue channel.

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