How to upload chrome extension to chrome store

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After you create a Google chrome extension, its time to deploy it to Chrome store for everyone to use. This process is pretty straightforward wherein we need to create a zip file of the extension and upload to Google servers through Chrome Dashboard. After uploading, the extension will instantly show up in the Chrome store, which can be installed to any chrome browser in the world.

A one time payment of 5$ is required to be paid to Google for hosting extensions (and apps). After paying, any number of extensions or apps can be hosted from your account.

Stepwise instructions to deploy Google Chrome extension

1. Login to Google Chrome dashboard by providing your Google username and password.

2. Next, pay 5$ to Google for hosting our extension. Click ‘Pay this fee now’ at the bottom of the dashboard page.

pay one time fees for google chrome extension

3. Create a zip file of the extension and upload.

upload chrome extension zip file to chrome store

4. Upload description, logo and screenshots of the extension. You can also add videos to show the working. Both these are optional but important to lure visitors to use the extension.

chrome extension details before uploading to chrome store

5. Next, add other information like category in which the extension falls, countries where it should be available, third party ads that it show and others.

6. Finally hit ‘Publish Changes’ to make your extension available in chrome store for users to use.

7. And this is similar to how your extension should appear in Chrome store.

google chrome extension in chrome store

Few important things

1. By default, the author name is just the first part of email id. So, name against my extensions would be ravi26march as my email is You can change it, here is how,

add developer name before uploading chrome extension to chrome store

2. Increase the version number in ‘manifest.json’ file of your extension whenever updated version of extension is uploaded after publishing.

3. You can see complete stats of the extension by clicking ‘Stats’ under the extension name. For activating this feature, check the user feedback option in the dashboard.

check feedback option to see extension stats and get user feedback

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