How to unblock a blocked Facebook friend

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If mistakenly you’d blocked a friend on Facebook and now want to add him again then follow our tutorial.

Here are the steps to unblock a friend you previously blocked,

  1. Login to Facebook and go to your ‘Privacy Settings’.

    goto facebook privcy settings to unblock a blocked facebook friend

  2. Click ‘Manage Blocking’ at the bottom of the page against Blocked People and Apps.

    click manage blocking in privacy settings

  3. You’ll now see a list of friends you previsoult blocked. Click ‘unblock’ against the name of the friend you want to unblock.

    click unblock to unblock a friend

  4. You’ll see a┬áconfirmation.

    unblock a blocked friend in facebook

For adding the friend back to your friend list, you need to send a fresh friend request.

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