TweakNow HD-Analyzer: Analyze the space of your hard disk for free

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Whether you bought a new hard disk or have already installed a huge capacity hard drive to your system what you always wonder is about where the space of your multi-gigabyte, or even terabyte, drive has gone? The voluminous hard disk that seemed like it would last forever has become full. To free up your hard disk space you need to determine what could be removed manually and its a frustrating task.


Today I’ll tell you about a  free software called TweakNow HD-Analyzer that can help you to make the decision easily.

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Suppose you are in need of doing a video editing project or something similar to that which requires a large amount of hard dirve space then its obvious that you may run short of space. In such situation it makes sense to remove the files and programs that are currently occupying the large space. Here is something where TweakNow HD-Analyzer come to the picture. TweakNow HD-Analyzer performs in-depth analysis of your hard drive after which it will highlight the largest files and folders enabling you to easily delete them or move them to a new location.

The program can be used to scan any drive you have connected to your computer, including external drives, but if you have opted to scan just a folder, things wil be finished much faster.

Use and features:

Click on the Scan Folder button to choose folder to analyze or open the drop down menu to quickly analyze common folder, such as: Documents, Music, Pictures, or Video folder.

The scan process may take about 5-15 minutes to complete. The time needed to complete the scan process will be very depends on number of files and folder in your hard disk drive.

Generate meaningful report

The program also provides list of common files found during the analyzing process. The files grouped based on its type and sorted by its size.

The list of common files recognized by TweakNow HD-Analyzer can be edited through the Options page.

Download: TweakNow HD-Analyzer (2.89MB only)

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