Try Maki App: A Web Design Mockup Tool

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If you’ve ever designed a website on your own, you know very well how irritating it is when a new version of your design fails to sit pretty with your existing template. Enter Maki app, a great web design mockup tool to let you view a mockup of your new page as an overlay to your existent material.

How does Maki App work?

Using Maki app you can create a new page and upload the image to the Maki server. Then you can view the image as a semitransparent over the current website to check for the proper placement of elements and content. Maki does not actually upload your changes to your domain but simply creates a mockup using images of your new site to let you verify for errors in your design.

Maki app is free and simple to use

Maki app is free to use. You just need to visit the official website of Maki app and drag the bookmarklet into the bookmark toolbar of your browser. After that you need to navigate to your website and click the bookmark. The app redirects you to a version of your website that shows the Maki app toolbar on the top. From here you can upload your new template and set the transparency of the image to view it as an overlay and identify discrepancies.

Dynamically Change and Check

With Maki app, once you’ve spotted what is wrong, you can make the required changes to your new CSS file for the website. After saving the file all you need to do is reload the page to check if your new page has all the elements in its proper place. You do not need to repeat the process all over again, and all you need to do is save and reload for any number of changes to take effect in your mockup.

Armed with this amazing mockup tool you can make sure that your design process is simplified. With Maki app available for the iPhone too, you can check your designs on the move. Though, in nappy days but Maki app is the undoubtedly one of the the best mockup tool on the internet today.

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