Recover lost Facebook account with help of your trusted friends

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You must have forgot your Facebook password many times, in my case its too many to count on fingers. In the last few months, Facebook launched multiple services to boost user security and privacy.

This time, Facebook launched a service called ‘trusted friends’ that allows you to recover lost password with the help of your Facebook friends, don’t forget ‘har friend zaroori hai yaar’.

The entire process goes like this – you nominate 3-5 friends that you trust and can contact easily, either through phone or mail. Whenever your account is locked, forget password or fail to receive password reset option, Facebook would then send 3 codes to your nominated trusted friends. Now you can call them and retrieve the codes and login back to your Facebook account.

The entire process stands parellel to you rendered locked in your house by your wife and call your ‘trusted’ friend with spare keys to unlock you.

You can add trusted friends in settings page of your Facebook account. It’s under testing and would show up in your account in a few days time.

When locked, just go to your password recovery page, enter the codes retrieved from your trusted friends and gain access to the lost Facebook account.

Wait! There is a catch

Facebook says, its an alternate way to gain access to an account in case it compromised by a cyber attack.

But there are things that can make this service a bit uninteresting, here are they –

  1. If your account is break-ed by a criminal then he would first change your nominated trusted friends. This new service of no use in such a case.
  2. After nominating trusted friends, you must be in contact with those friends on regular basis and somehow if you fail to catch them, you’ll be left in revere with no other option except moving to alternate way of password recovery.
  3. The biggest flaw in the system is that if someone else asks for your password recovery and personally know your ‘trusted friends’ then he can gain those codes in some cases.
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