Trick to use IDM longer without registration

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IDM is one such software that you’ll love to pack with you while dying. Everybody loves it. But the sad point with this awesome software is that it’s a shareware, which means it’s available free for only 30 days and after that you need to purchase it.

use IDM longer without registration

We have a cool solution to use IDM longer than 30 days without registration. Its perfectly legal and is based on one feature of Windows OS called System Restore. All you need is to first install the software and when you have some 4-5 days left, restore your windows back by 20-25 days.

System restore feature in windows allows you to take your system with all files back to a specified date. So if have installed IDM on 1st April then you can use it till 30th. To extend it, you need to do a system restore on 25-26th April to any date after 1st April, say 3 or 4th. By doing so, your free use of IDM increases by 20+ days because system thinks you’ve used it only from 1st(ie the day of installation) till 3 or 4th (the date to restored).

Its just like erasing a young man’s memory and taking him back to his childhood. He would think himself as a 5-6 yr old kid rather than a grown up 25yr old adult.

IDM is one such deary piece that you wouldn’t mind doing system restore again and again. But restoring a system isn’t a good practice but doing it 8-10 times(max) is okay.

You’ll find option for System Restore in All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore. You can also search ‘System Restore’ from your Windows Search.

Some people download and use the crcked version of IDM but its very dangerous for computer. It can work fine for some days but it can also crash system beyond repair. So you better use the trick that we told you rather than killing your system using risky alternatives.

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