Trick to rotate Google search page by 360 degrees

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Today’s blog isn’t informational, rather its an entertaining one. Here, we’ll see an amusing stuff wherein Google search page rotates by 360 degrees, and that too without a single line of code or anything else.

You just need to enter do a barel roll in Google search box, and before you finish writing, your Google page does a rolling by 360 degrees.

This is how it looks,

do a barell roll in google

This isn’t a trick, rather a unique way of amusing users.

Science behind the 360 degree rotation

The rock-n-rolling stuff is because of easter eggs, the science of including hidden messages/codes in computer programs, webpages, video games and movies. You must have used shortcuts to win video games, which is a very much similar to easter eggs.

Notorious programmer(s) might inject some malicious code in softwares that’s why most companies don’t allow easter egg based tricks in their products and services. Google, however allows a few and do a barel roll is one of those amazing ones.

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