Trick to get Facebook profile/page information without visiting it

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Only Facebook apps are given access to user’s private details, but there is a fine way of retrieving these information without making an app, and also without logging onto Facebook.

First, we’ll get a profile details without actually visiting it,

Just goto or facebook-id and you’ll have it.

As an example,

  1. displays my basic information.
  2. is an easy way to get Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook information.

Similarly you can try with name/id of your friends, or any random number.

For retrieveing a page information just put or page-id and you’re done.

Details shown includes page id, name, picture, link, category, number of likes, website, founder, about, username, description, location and more.

Apart from profiles and pages, one can get the information of any event, groups, app, photos, videos and everything else.

This is all because of graph API launched by Facebook some months back.

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