Top 8 web browsers of 2011

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top browsers of 2011In the past year, web browsers have been involved in cold wars against each other.

Internet Explorer is still at the top but facing serious competition from Mozilla and Chrome. On the other hand, Chrome has been the biggest gainer, rubbing-off market share of Firefox and Internet Explorer by more than 20 percent.

Here is the complete list of browsers ranking on the completion of 2011,

  1. Internet Explorer: Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, yet again stands at the top despite being discarded by most netizens. It’s placed at first just because it comes payloaded on Windows OS which fuels more than 90 percent of personal computers. Market share of IE was once hovering around 94 percent in 2004 but since then it fell down to just 34 percent by the closing of 2011. This is mainly because of problematic performance, slower speed, limited support to CSS3 and HTML5.
  2. Mozilla Firefox: Next in the list is Mozilla Firefox, red-faced after continuously losing its market to Google Chrome, over the past 2 years. Mozilla was once favored by Google to pull down Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which it successfully did. It’s share dropped from 29 percent(2010) to 24 percent by the fall of 2011.
  3. Google Chrome: The web browser by Google, and by-far the best internet browser at the present date is stacked at third place with 20 percent market share. It was at 16 percent in the beginning of 2011. It’s lightweight, faster, has an inbuilt download accelerator, powerful GUI, trouble-free and most importantly, comes from the internet giant Google with inbuilt support to Google search and all other Google services.
  4. Apple Safari: Safari browser from Apple is stationed at 11.5 percent with no gain, no loss scenario during the year 2011. As a hidden fact, share of Safari is still good only because of heavy sales of iPad 2 and iPhone 4/4S devices which comes with pre-installed Safari just like IE comes with Windows. As per an independent survey, users of Safari on personal computers are just 8.3 percent while rest 3.2 percent Safari users are from Apple devices like iPad and iPhones.
  5. Android browsers: Android browser, or browsers I should say is a new entry in our list. Browsers running on Google’s Android OS gallops a market share of hefty 2 percent in 2011. It churned marginal market share of Opera, and other browsers.
  6. Opera: Opera, the European product has a little market share but its still going good with marginal drop from 2010. With just over 1 percent netizens using the browser, Opera stands at 6th in our list of top web browsers for 2011.
  7. Maxthon: Maxthon browser stands at 7th position with little over 0.5 percent market share. Since its launch in 2002, Maxthon has been consistently adding and updating its GUI, performance, plugin-support and many other features.
  8. Avant: A browser by a chinese programmer has never been a huge market churner but it stands at 8th with less than 0.5 percent users. Its available in 41 languages. Total downloads of Avant browser surpassed 22.5 million in 2011.

The list would soon be expanded to ‘Top 10 browsers of 2011’, we’ll be updating this blog shortly.

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