Top 8 Most secure Antivirus for PC

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Malwares like Trojans and viruses need a small sniff to hit a computer system.

A PC antivirus prevent such attacks from being a reality by detecting and removing them before they do any damage. Its like guarding your girlfriend against potential threats roaming around.

There are some malwares that are undetectable and difficult to remove. That’s where a good antivirus stands tall while common ones fall apart. In this blog, we analyze 9 of the top antivirus for PC and reach to a list of top most secure antivirus.

Before buying one, its important to choose the best antivirus for PC that can effectively shield you computer system against both known and unknown malwares. If you’re spending money then why not go for the best antivirus rather than getting a bad one and get screwed.

Top 8 Most secure Antivirus for computer systems

We had an opportunity to try 9 of the best antivirus for computer. These antivirus includes Norton, F-Secure, Kaspersky, Panda, ESET and 4 other top ones.

Testing 9 best Antivirus Softwares

We tested these antivirus on a computer installed with Widows 7 ultimate OS, Intel quad core processor(2.5Ghz) and 4Gb RAM. In our test, we installed each antivirus one by one and analyzed their performance under different test situations to get the most secure Antivirus for use.

For the test, we first put in a pen drive with 25 different known and unknown malwares that includes Trojans, Virus, Worms, AdWare and Dialers.

Kaspersky came out as our top antivirus with a very high malware recognition rate. It detected 24 out of 25 malwares present in the pen drive. Apart from this, Internet Security was better as it efficiently killed 22 of them. Only ESET was better with detection of 24 of the 25 malwares. Other antivirus suites like F-Secure have improved from their previous versions but they are still disappointing. McAfee was the most disappointing of all as it only removed 11 malwares, and completely failing to detect 5 of them. Microsoft’s free protection performed better than this. Microsoft’s free scanner was okay when compare with commercial antivirus programs where you have to spend money to purchase. Here, the only thing you’ll miss is creating a DVD.

Furthermore, we tested these 9 best antivirus for PC under different test cases to analyse each and every aspect of theirs. So here is what we’ve found out,

Most secure antivirus that efficiently blocks unknown malwares.

All top antivirus completely blocks all known malwares. But the challenge is when an unknown one is encountered. We’ve exposed 1500 unknown malwares to a computer installed with these antivirus(individually). These unknown malwares include Trojans, virus, worms and dialers that are not known to antivirus suites. Antivirus that provides best protection against such threats have the strongest protection mechanism and could be the best antivirus for computers.

After seeing the result, we’ve  come up with a list.

  1. Norton Inter Security [100%]
  2. ESET Smart Security 5 [100%]
  3. F-Secure Internet Security 2012 [98%]
  4. Kaspersky Internet Security [97%]
  5. G Data Internet Secuurity [97%]
  6. Panda Internet Security [95%]
  7. Avira Internet Security 2012 [95%]
  8. M.Afee Internet Security 2012 [85%]
  9. Microsoft Security Essentials [80%]

Protection against Trojans

Trojans are the most dangerous malware of all. Though, they are present in most computing devices but the problem arises when a dangerous one enters in a system and go bizzarre. Once a Trojan comes in, it can copy itself, delete system files, and do all sort of stuffs that you never want to happen with your PC.

So, if you’re pretty concern in this regard then here are the top antivirus that’re best in detecting and killing these Trojans.

  1. F-Secure Internet Security 2012 [100%]
  2. Norton Inter Security [100%]
  3. G Data Internet Secuurity [99%]
  4. Panda Internet Security [98.3%]
  5. Kaspersky Internet Security [98%]
  6. M.Afee Internet Security 2012 [98%]
  7. Avira Internet Security 2012 [98%]
  8. Microsoft Security Essentials [98%]
  9. ESET Smart Security 5 [97%]

In detecting rootkit programs, almost all works great and we can align all of them as best antivirus in this regard. Only, ESET security and McAfee are a bit poor. These two should be avoided if you want strong protection against spyware which works stealthily to get your personal details like bank and email account details.

Best Antivirus for System disinfection

We are now on one of the most important sections of our blog. There can be times when you get the feeling of giving a fresh scan to your system so that infected files can either be disinfected or belted out, if necessary. System disinfection is very important as its all about checking infection from malwares in applications and removing it. While removing malwares, an antivirus program might do some damage to other processes and make it work improperly. So, a secure antivirus must detect malware and remove it without cutting wires of some other applications.

Here is our top antivirus for PC that best disinfects a system. [malware completely removed | partially]

  1. ESET Smart Security 5 [96%|33%]
  2. F-Secure Internet Security 2012 [92%|63%]
  3. Kaspersky Internet Security [88%|75%]
  4. G Data Internet Secuurity [88%|67%]
  5. Avira Internet Security 2012 [88%|46%]
  6. Norton Inter Security [83%|50%]
  7. Panda Internet Security [83%|46%]
  8. Microsoft Security Essentials [75%|58%]
  9. M.Afee Internet Security 2012 [46%|25%]

Best malware protection (overall)

Finally, after hovering and analyzing different aspects of these 9 of the best antivirus for computer we’ve come to our final list containing the most secure antivirus against cyber threats. The list is based on overall performance of these antivirus for PC against known and unknown malwares, detection of rootkits, protection against botnets and backdoor programs.

  1. F-Secure Internet Security 2012
  2. Kaspersky Internet Security
  3. Norton Inter Security
  4. ESET Smart Security 5
  5. G Data Internet Secuurity
  6. Panda Internet Security
  7. Avira Internet Security 2012
  8. Microsoft Security Essentials
  9. M.Afee Internet Security 2012
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