20 Most Followed Indian celebrities on Twitter

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People love to know more about their favorite celebrities. Earlier they have to depend upon newspaper and television for that. However, nowadays Internet have made it easier for fans not only to know everything about their celebrities but also get connected to them. Indian fans are keen to connect with their favorite celebrity and Twitter is one of the best way of doing that.

Twitter is a social networking site where fans can follow any celebrity and convey their messages, blessing, wishes and suggestion directly. Still, there are some people who do not like to follow any celebrity, but want to know which Indian celebrity is most followed on Twitter and this list is exclusively for them.

In this blog, I have done a thorough research and came up with the following list which includes 20 most followed Indian celebrities on Twitter and their follower count as on December 2013. Amazingly, most of the people in this list are either from Bollywood or are related to cricket –

  1. Amitabh Bachhan            —————              7,497,827 Followers
  2. Shahrukh Khan                —————              6,150,642 Followers
  3. Salman Khan                    —————              5,748,288 Followers
  4. Aamir Khan                      —————              5,284,552 Followers
  5. Priyanka Chopra              —————              5,218,219 Followers
  6. Deepika Padukone           —————              4,885,729 Followers
  7. Hrithik Roshan                 —————              4,734,644 Followers
  8. Akshay Kumar                 —————              4,014,420 Followers
  9. Sachin Tendulkar             —————              3,975,670 Followers
  10. Shahid Kapoor                  —————              3,398,935 Followers
  11. A R Rehman                     —————               3,355,063 Followers
  12. Abhishek Bachhan           —————               3,285,855 Followers
  13. Sonam Kapoor                  —————               3,280,535 Followers
  14. NarendraModi                  —————               2,998,329 Followers
  15. Karan Zohar                      —————               2,943,205 Followers
  16. Preity Zinta                        —————              2,645,948 Followers
  17. Shreya Ghoshal                 —————              2,614,707 Followers
  18. Mahendra Singh Dhoni    —————               2,580,996 Followers
  19. Farhan Akhtar                  —————               2,496,879 Followers
  20. Vijay Mallya                      —————               2,413,599 Followers

Earlier which was considered as a risky step has now become one of the most favored way for celebrities to connect with their fans. More famous and more active people get more followers as compared to celebrities who update theiraccount occasionally. Twitter has also emerged as a platform not only to promote films and upcoming events but also to clear all the fuss surrounding any false rumors.

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