Top 10 most annoying things when you’re online

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Indeed, the world of internet is awesome, addictive and seductive, sometimes. It swiftly embraced our lives; made it user friendly yet there are things that can infuriate when you’re online.

Here we enlist such annoying problems that we entangle almost each and everyday,

  1. Internet Connectivity

    You’re chatting with your friend on some spicy topic and all of a sudden wifi goes off. This could easily be one of the biggest reasons to turn -off your mood. Be it your WiFi or my Ethernet connection, they can go off to leave us in revere. The problem is not limited to ‘no connectivity’, slow internet connection can also boil your blood to alarming Fahrenheits.

  2. Waiting for reply

    Friends often render their account open for hours and you madly kept on messaging them expecting a reply. This one is really frustrating when you’re skipping your studies/office just to have a formal ‘hi-hello’ with your near and dear ones. Social media sites are often so overloaded that you need to refresh webpage regularly to avoid the delay in receiving messages.

  3. Bad comment

    Nobody likes to see hard and abusive lines. Statement from badmouths can make you feel bad, whether its on your shared images/links on facebook or on your blog. There are people who, out of no reason post abusive content on social media platforms. Furthermore, such crappy comments are all over news websites, youtube videos and everywhere that has space for any inputs. You see such stuff everyday and definitely annoys you.

  4. Login information

    Wouldn’t be nice if you could login to your email and social media account using face-recognition or fingerprint techniques. It’s really very annoying if you’re asked to enter the same login information each and everytime you visit a website. But its important and this is probably the sole annoying stuff we must love as it’s directly proportional to your cyber security.

  5. Finding ‘?’ when required

    Well you know what I actually meant by ‘?’. Really its infuriating to see no ‘desired’ content on internet when your hormones pump in full velocity defying all preventive actions. It could easily turn-off the brain of a ‘man’.

  6. Advertisements

    It’s a problem, everybody knows but can’t help. The entire internet rides on internet marketing – Google’s and Facebook’s earn billions in revenue from the ad market. Also website owners like me have to show ads to earn bread for our cruel stomach. So brother, internet can’t be ad-free no matter how annoying they are, however they could be made less-annoying.

  7. Pop-ups

    Its a modern way of advertising wherein a new windows appears containing ad or subscription request asking for your email. This one can definitely turn-off your mood, some pop-ups so annoying that they indirectly forces a visitor to check the ads by placing multiple pop ups all over the screen. Most browsers detects certain pop-ups (flash) but they are still very much around when you’re online.

  8. Incorrect search results

    With due respect to Google, there are times when search engines provides results for a query which are so incorrect that you believe the better option is to ask a 5yr old kid than a search engine.

  9. Ruthless webpages

    A simple man search for a content on internet and somehow he finds it located at a particular link. Expecting a informative content, he load the url only to find a redirect to some useless site or a webpage unavailablity as a response. Such things are never swallowed by netizens who render their precious time in search of such a webpage that’s virtually came out useless.

  10. Cruel System

    My system often hangs when I look for kinky kinda stuff on internet. Does this happens with you? I don’t know why computers are mainly problematic when we’re either busy with some urgent work or on multiple chatting channels with friends and some beautiful unknowns. You can have your antivirus updates, firewall boosted but once in a while your system would definitely do something that would annoy you.

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