Tips to write good title for blog posts

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You search a query and see a long list of results, you click on the one that perfectly matches your requirement. Just like movies, a blog title gives a fair indication of what’s contained in the blog. In search results, easily readable and SEOed titles are favored by search engines and tend to get more traffic than a rather confusing one.

How to make blog title human friendly?

Its important to write a blog title that’s understandable to readers as well as search engines. A good title is one that is easily readable, and gives the clear indication of the actual blog content.

A blog named ‘6 tips to write good blog title’ would have a list of 6 tips on writing a good blog title, hence you’ll click on the link if you consider it better quenches your request. On the other hand, if it’s something like ‘Write good title for blogs’ which is still a good title but a visitor can’t know if it’s a – long article, stepwise instructions or any online service that auto-generates good blog titles.

Here are some human friendly titles you should run parallel to,

  1. Tips to gain better organic traffic to a blog
  2. 6 horrible blogging mistakes one should avoid
  3. 9 ways to stop hair-fall problem
  4. Is your blog search engine friendly?

Now check some less-human friendly blog titles you should avoid using,

  1. How you can draw more organic visitors to your blog
  2. Cloud Computing: Is India a good market for it?
  3. My mistakes as a blogger that you should avoid
  4. How to deal with comment spamming, a big problem

How to generate SEO rich title

The core of blogging, SEO is responsible for bringing your blog to the doorstep of visitors. It’s the SEO (and pagerank) that helps a blog to show good in search engine results, and its catchy and human-friendly title, description attract visitors towards it. For writing a good blog title you must,

  1. Use most important keywords in it. This blog has ‘write’, ‘good’, ‘title’ and ‘blogs’ included in the blog title.
  2. SEO decreases as we move from left to right so its better to place these keywords as left as possible in the title.
  3. Put keywords closer to each other to get high traffic yielding keyphrases.
  4. Put 1-2 killer words in the blog title to make it catchy. Alternative titles of this blog could be – ‘How to write magnetic blog posts’, ‘How to write killer blog posts’ and similar.
  5. Use alternative, low traffic keywords to narrow down the traffic. A good example is using ‘blog posts’ than ‘blogs’ and ‘amazing tips’ than simply ‘tips’.

There no bigger factor than quality content and pagerank that ultimately holds the key of a blog’s search engine performance. A good blog title for an addictive content can definitely put you among the top rankers in search engines.

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