6 Tips to make your Google Chrome fast again

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Google Chrome is the fastest browser in the world. Its very responsive and hardly crashes. But even the best browser can sometimes become slow and problematic when load increases.

So if your chrome has gone older in terms of performance, here are tips to bring back its golden days again.

1. Delete all browsing history: Visited urls, cache and cookie information are accumulated in browsers with time. By deleting these things, Chrome can be made faster and more responsive.

Chrome browsing history can be deleted by clicking the wrench icon at top-right corner of the browser. Next click ‘History’. In the new page that opened up, click ‘Clear all browsing data’. A popup would appear. Check all type of history and delete.

delete all chrome history to make chrome faster

2. Delete Extensions: Extensions or addons are plugged to Chrome in order to increase its functionality. These extensions increases load of the browser. As the number of installed extension increases, performance of Chrome decreases.

So, its always better to use a few extensions, or remove all if Chrome is struggling to perform fast as it should be.

delete extension for faster chrome browser

click to expand

3. Delete bookmarks: Just like the browsing history, bookmarks store web-links in Chrome for easy access. So, its important to delete bookmarks to pace up your chrome browser.

To delete bookmarks, click the wrench icon and goto Bookmarks>Bookmarks Manager.

In the bookmarks page, select all and delete them (Organize>Delete)

for faster chrome browser, delete bookmarks

4. Delete most visited sites/apps in new tabs: You must be seeing few websites in the main window of the browser. Every time a new tab is opened, it shows again.

Delete these sites by clicking X at their top-right corner. This can be time-taking.

delete most visited sites in chrome

In the same way, delete the apps installed to your chrome. Right click on each and select ‘Remove from Chrome’ option.

make google chrome work faster

5. Disable plugins: On installing Chrome, many plugins are installed automatically. Some are useful while some are unnecessary. So its better to delete all or just the unwanted ones. To do this, enter ‘about:plugins’ in the url to see a list of installed plugins. Disable all, or some.

disable plugin for better chrome performance

One thing to note here is that plugins can only be disabled, can’t be deleted or uninstalled.

6. Click and Clean extension: We asked to remove all extensions but there is a chrome extension that can help in keeping the browser in better shape. The extension called as ‘Click & Clean‘ that automatically deletes all internet history as soon as user closes the browser. Besides this, it cleans hard disk and frees up more space.

click and clean extension for better chrome performance

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