Tips to make an old laptop look like new (at home)

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Its a good idea to refurbish an old laptop if you’re still using it for your work. Laptops have a long life, and if starts to look dull doesn’t means its no longer usable.

But you might feel uncomfortable while carrying it to office or on official tours as its appearance fails to match the one that your colleagues have. If that’s the case then read further as we provide some great ways to clean old laptop to make it look like new,

Deep clean the outer body

With just 10 minutes of effort, a laptop can gain the brightness of sun. Get a dishwashing liquid, which we use to clean dishes, glasses and window panes. They are best for cleaning laptop’s outer body.

Take a few drops of liquid on a cotton cloth and rub the entire body of your laptop. You should start seeing the glow after one or two swipes. Carefully clean laptop’s LCD, keys and lower part. Make sure you aren’t using more liquid as it might seep into the inner parts of laptop which could be dangerous. Be careful while cleaning part over the battery, RAM and hard disk.

This would clean all dust that’s accumulated over the laptop.

To give it more shine, you can use grease. Take minute drops of it over the laptop and swipe with a fresh cotton cloth. Initially, it’ll look a bit darker but as you keep on rubbing cloth hard over the laptop it’ll gain a shine that even a new laptop can’t match. Don’t do this on the laptop’s screen as its delicate and can be easily damaged.

Easily clean laptop keyboard

Cleaning an old laptop includes work on its keyboard as well. Keys can be cleaned using dishwashing liquid but problem comes when keyboard vents(space between keys) are dusted badly.

To make it clean, take out the keys carefully. Laptop keys can be easily plucked using screwdriver or compass. Its very easy, just follow the video tutorial below if you’re a bit uneasy about it.

Once all keys are taken out, clean it with cotton cloth. If its very dusty then you can use dishwashing liquid too. Plug back the keys only when its completely clean and dry. And similar to the first case, you can use grease to give shine.

For better results, you can read our post on deep-cleaning the keyboard at home.

Cleaning old laptop from inside

Your laptop wouldn’t give the feel till its working like a new laptop. So, if your laptop is working not that fine, give it a format. Before formatting, get a backup of all your data. This will help you restore back the data after a fresh windows is installed. For a fresh installation, you can go for Windows 7, rather than Windows Vsita. You can also wait for Windows 8 to come in the market.

These are probably the three most important things to revamp an older laptop to look like new one.

If your laptop is having some internal problem, like overheating, frequent hangs, sparking then must give pay visit to service center.

In that case, its beyond your control and only a professional could best deal with it.

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