Tips to get correct Google search by image results

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Google search by image allows you to search for identical images from across the web. You can check who’s using your copyrighted images as well as know how many look-alikes you have in the world.

But most results are not as you’d expect. For some image, search results might be very correct but for some it might go terribly wrong.

So here are a few tips for getting correct results in Google search by image,

  1. Avoid choosing black and white image as it would mess up the entire search. You might see more accurate results with a colored image than a black and white image.
  2. Google search by image considers images size as a big factor while searching for identical images. So, go for bigger image, say above 640 x 480px. Most images are medium sized so there is every possibility of getting the most accurate results for your image.
  3. Never put Photoshoped effects on your image file. If you do so, your results would definitely go wrong. Photoshop work changes the entire configuration of a file, which includes size, shape, color, contrast and others features
  4. Adding image description is the best way of refining search results and get the most correct ones. Google search by image could utilize both text in images as well as description provided by the user to serve the best results. So, its always a best way to put in textual description for better search results.

Keeping above mentioned tips in mind while doing Google search for images is important as Google search by image feature has some limitations.

Moreover, we must not forget that search engine algorithm can’t give 100 percent correct results. So, we should provide detailed information of image for Google to give out the best and most correct results.

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