Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Laptop Servicing

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Is your laptop slowing down? Does it heat up?  It is about time that you serviced your laptops. All these are indicators for need for service, but these can be prevented by going in for laptop service at regular time intervals.

What Causes the Need for Laptop service/repair?

You may think you have handled your laptop with so much care, but now you have to seek the assistance of a laptop service center. Here are a few common reasons that call for laptop service.

  1. Wear and tear with time.
  2. Broken computer parts like keyboard jammed or modem not working.
    Dust entering into laptops causing slow down.
  3. System slowing down without reason.
  4. System not working – not charging, not starting up.
  5. Discharging battery continuously.

Ignoring these indications could lead to complete breakdown of your laptop(notebook/netbook).

What is the Solution?

Here are a few tips to fix the problems occurring in your laptop.

  1. Start with reading the laptop service manual for instructions and recommendations from the manufacturing on servicing the laptops. Basically all laptops are same, but each model has certain unique features. So, it’s better to know them before embarking on servicing.
  2. Back up all the data on the hardware to avoid accidental data loss.
  3. Pull out the laptop power plug. Remove the battery. Ensure you place the laptop on a leveled surface.
  4. Clean the laptop with soft cloth and don’t use abrasive or hard chemicals that can scratch or damage the exterior or interior.
  5. Check the warranty of the laptop. If it’s under warranty, don’t try to disassemble it, as the warranty will stand null and void.
  6. Use appropriate tools to open up the parts of the laptops.
  7. Do not disassemble the laptop, unless unavoidable.
  8. Place the removed computer parts and screws carefully in a safe place.
  9. Check the position of the connectors before removing them.
  10. Don’t try to use pressure to remove or fix any part. Either you may be using the wrong tool or wrong part
  11. Servicing of laptops at home may be cost saving. But it’s always better to take it to a qualified computer technician for repairs. They would be able to immediately diagnose the problem and fix it appropriately.
  12. Remember for an amateur, notebook repair requires time, concentration, effort and patience. If you lack in any of them then don’t try to do it. Call for an expert to sought out your notebook repair.
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