Tips to Buy Shared Web Hosting

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Buying a web hosting package turns into immediate needs as soon one decide upon to run a website. Web Hosting is something responsible to drive a website over World Wide Web; it’s crucial to keep your site running, same as a piston is crucial to drive a rail engine. Most of the time web site owners start web site business with shared hosting, or many starts one step below with free hosting and then move to shared hosting. Tips to Buy Shared Web Hosting

A shared hosting pack can be purchased from any web host. Web Host like Just Host, 1&1, GoDaddy, ZdNet, Rackspace, Hostgator are some of the very popular names across Internet World. The one sitting in your neighborhood are also not bad.  They all comply with International Standard of Web Hosting and states laws.

However, different web host differs in sorts of hardware, software and support they offer to run a website.

Buying right shared web hosting pack is vital to run your website. Here are tips that one should look for before actually buying shared web hosting pack.

Which Host is Best for Me?

If you are someone looking for a web host, most probably, you will be keen in reading online hosting reviews. When going through this process, simply do not jump on conclusion based upon couple of reviews; do extensive search. Find good reviews and most importantly bad reviews about a shared web hosting company in particular. Be aware, what issues may arise with a given web host and how much this may affect your business.

How much bandwidth and how much disk space?

When choosing for shared web hosting, beware of catchy ads coming through morning newspaper. Don’t get carried away by free offers. Know your needs, how much disk space you require and probability of visitor volume. Chose a web hosting pack carefully, do comparison between couple of web hosts and decide upon one best suited for your needs. Must read Terms and Condition of different web hosting providers and you will know actually if there is any difference between actual package and advertised one.

Support Availability

Chose a web host, which provides round the clock phone support both general support and technical support. Search for specific customer reviews like ‘XYZ Web Hosting Customer Support’ read multiple reviews and extract the fact. Round the clock efficient customer support is essential for your web site business.

Free Goodies

Free Database, Multiple Database, Multiple Email Ids, Multiple Sub domain Hosting, Free AdWords credits, Facebook Credits for website marketing are something every web host claims to offer. Check between couple of web host to decide upon which offers you value for money and also if you really need these freebies. Also many web hosts provide Free Website Builder, check how many templates they offer with hosting pack and how many pages you can deploy, prefer one which provides for unlimited pages.

Site Uptime and Downtime

In most of the cases Web Hosting companies claims 99.99% site uptime. Don’t go by theoretical version of a web hosting company mainly if it’s lesser known. Do specific search for Site Uptime and Site Downtime about a particular web host. Also try to find someone who is using shared web hosting of particular web host. Find how many time during a day or week his / her website experiences downtime. Normally 3 / 4 outages in a year are acceptable, but many will hamper your website business. Select your shared hosting package carefully.

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