Tips to book confirm Tatkal ticket online

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Tatkal timing has changed. Now it’ll be booked from 10am rather than the old time of 8am. This change has tremendously cut down the traffic at reservation counters and on irtctc’s website for online reservation, But the situation is still not too good.

In the blog, we tell you some easy tips to increase your chances of getting a confirm Tatkal ticket. Things mentioned in the article aren’t ripped-off air but are proven and potentially useful.

  1. Try to book as early as possible: A no brainer. To snatch a confirm tatkal ticket online you at least need to have a broadband internet connection. Satellite connection is best. Never try to book tatkal ticket using dial-up connection, its insane.
  2. Never pay by Debit/Credit card: Paying by debit/credit card causes unnecessary delay in processing. You might start booking a tatkal with 20+ seats remaining and ultimately land up with a waiting list ticket. Payment mode must be faster, and hence Netbanking is the best option.
  3. Book tatkal from next station to train’s source station: If you can’t find a confirm tatkal ticket from your preferred station, then book it from any of the big stations that’s nearer to you and also falls in the train’s route. One thing to note here is that every station has tatkal quota of itself. So, if your train runs from New Delhi[NDLS] to Guwahati [GHY], then book tatkal from Kanpur or Lucknow to Guwahati than from NDLS itself.If there are no seats remaining at 10:15 from NDLS then there are every chance that a few seats would be available from Kanpur, Lucknow, Mughalsarai and other big stations in the route. Also tatkal fare is charged from source station to destination.

    Note: Big cities, holy places and stations on border of two states usually have more tatkal quota than normal stations. Some stations with larger tatkal quotas are New Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Allahabad.

  4. Survey Results on Tatkal traffic: After analyzing the tatkal traffic of 25 Rajdhani and JanShatabdi trains over the period of 6 months, it’s been found that the chance of getting a confirm tatkal ticket online is as follows, [From source to destination station]

    1. 10:00am -100% chances
    2. 10:05am – 78% chances
    3. 10:10am – 50% chances
    4. 10:15am – 15% chances
    5. 10:20am – 5% chances

  5. Never refresh a page if its loading:, the Railways website for online reservation is very slow but responsive during tatkal timings. So a good idea is to never interrupt the page loading/processing even if its slow. If you do so, you might have to start-over the booking from beginning.
  6. Don’t make mistakes: Act fast, fill entries quickly. Don’t waste more time reading pages and rechecking the filled entries. Also, don’t make your preferred seat as mandatory [Lower/upper/Side-lower etc]. If you do so then later you might be asked for permission if your preferred seat isn’t available. This will cause unnecessary delay and your tatkal might went to Waiting List which was otherwise confirmed.
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