8 things to do after creating a Facebook page for brand/service

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A well structured, good looking Facebook page can grab lot more likes than a dull, useless Facebook page. So if you run a brand and have just created a page for it, here are the 8 most vital things you need to do before starting marketing campaigns.

1. Add a profile image: A no brainer. Just like a normal Facebook profile, this is the very first thing to do after creating a Facebook page. This image can’t be promotional, Facebook terms says.

2. Add Page information and description: Facebook pages are indexed by search engines and description is shown in search results just like normal webpages.

Just go to About>Basic Information and add information about your page. Other fields like ‘Mission’ and ‘Awards’ are optional, you can fill them later or leave blank.

This is what CyberPassion’s Facebook page has,

write description about the facebook page

3. Design an attractive cover image: Cover image is what a visitor first sees in a page. So, choose an image that is an indication of the brand’s core operations but must not be promotional in any way. It can’t have brand’s name, logo or bulk text data.

Our blog on ‘Guidelines to design Facebook cover image‘ and ‘Tips to design killer cover image‘ has more information on this.

4. Add a start date, location: Soon after creating a Facebook page, add an image with start date, location and story on how and why the page came into existence.

add a start date after creating a facebook page

5. Add important apps: Facebook pages are all about gaining fans and turning them into customers. So its important to add apps to grab likes, and engage the existing fans with polls, events and other interesting apps.

One other useful app is ‘Suggest to friends’ which allows any Facebook user to invite his friends to like a certain page. This can collect more fans in relatively shorter period of time.

6. Configure settings: You can allow/disallow others from posting on your page, block page in one or many countries, add remove message button, block fans, add/remove options and do lot more things. This depends on how you want to interact with your fans.

6.1. Block Page in certain contries

restrict facebook page from showing in certain countries

6.2. Show/Hide Message Button

decide wether to show message button

6.3. Allow posts and tagging
configure posting ability and tagging

7. Add Admins: Next important thing is to add key peoples as admins in your Facebook page. By doing so, they can manage the page when you’re unavailable. You can also define roles to different admins of the page. Admins are also important in getting likes.

after creating a facebook page, add admins to facebook page

8. Invite friend for likes: One great way to getting bulk likes is by sending invitation to friends of admins to like the page. To so this, just click on the ‘Build Audience’ tab at the top of page and click on the ‘Invite Friends’ option. A box containing all friends would appear, select all and send invitation.

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