Technical problems with Aakash tablet

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Technical problems with Aakash tabletI recently had my hands on the cheapest tablet computer ‘Aakash’ and find it exciting to have so useful gadzet in just Rs 3000.

Its priced at Rs 1500 for students and rural people, enjoying a discount 0f 50 percent by Indian Government.

After reviewing the system, here are some technical problems that needs an updation in coming ‘Aakash-2’ tablet,

  1. While using, the tablet heated up just after 45 mts of use. Overheating shows that the tablet is struggling to run comfortably with one or more lingering problems inside it. Also, overheating could easily damage wires and parts.
  2. The 256Mb RAM is insufficient in installing or running heavier programs. The system freezed up as I tried to install AUTOCAD into it. Also, it doesn’t support installation of some free softwares available online thus limiting free resources to students. This one easily goes down as one of the biggest technical problem with aakash tablet.
  3. Multitasking is problematic as the system freezed-up when I was running 4 pre-installed programs, simultaneously. It’s not a big problem as the system is only build for mild computing uses; better processor and bigger RAM would solve this problem.
  4. Battery life is not good and it failed to last for an hour when I was listening music. Resource-eating programs could easily finish battery within 30-45 mts, I suspect.
  5. Apart from this, there is a need of establishing customer care centers in universities and villages. Aakash tablet is in initial days, hence students and village people should have easy access to places where they can get problems related to the tablet sorted out.

Despite all, ‘Aakash’ tablet is by no means sort of a big success. Not all students in India have access to computers and 35$ Aakash tablet could help them in getting used to computer at a tender age.

With ‘Aakash-2’ coming out in Feb-March 2012, we would see faster processor, higher RAM, powerful battery that should solve most problems.

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