How to start making Facebook app-get app id, set hosting url and more

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Before building a Facebook app, you first need to register the app by providing name, hosting url and other information. After doing this you’ll get an app id, app secret and more details that’s required while coding the app.

Here are the steps for configuring a Facebook app,

1. First go to

2. Next click on ‘Create New App’ button at the top.

create new facebook app

3. Now you’ll see a page wherein you need to provide the app details. See the image and follow the instructions provided below to understand.

provide appname, domain, and canvas url-1

App Display Name: The exact name of your app. This will be shown to all users. In the example, our app is named as Flip My Update.

App Namespace: Its the app name in the url – For the discussed example, the app url is which has flip-my-update as namespace.

Contact Email: The email where you want to receive notification regarding your app, like change in the app name, namespace, change in url etc.

App Domain: This is the domain name where your app is hosted. Here, the app ‘Flip My Update’ is located at, so the domain name entered is

Category: Choose a category in which the app falls. This will help users in searching your app. This is optional.

Hosting Url: If you haven’t purchased hosting for your app then you can book from Facebook’s partner. [We have got hosting so we left this option untouched]

Site Url: Enter the full website url where your app resides. Write the full name with https extension, like

Canvas Url, Secure Canvas Url: This is the most important part of the settings page. Here enter the full url where index (index.htm/index.html/index.php/index.asp etc) file of the app is located. In the example, our app is inside the fmu folder of, so the url is

4. Once you finish this step, you’ve successfully registered the app.

get app id, namespace and app secret for building facebook app-2

The next step is to code the app and deploy to Facebook environment for netizens to use. You’ll need the app id, app secret while coding.

In our next blog we’ll learn to develop a simple Facebook application.

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