3 ways to speed-up laptop by 50percent (that works!)

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Speeding up a laptop is one thing that everyone looks for. Basically, speed depends on laptop processor and the size of RAM installed. Processor is the engine and RAM works as a support to it.

For speedy performance, you obviously should have faster processor and bigger sized RAM.

But there are some fine ways that can help you in achieving a superb laptop speed despite having smaller RAM and not so fast processor.

1. Opt for lighter GUI. The interface puts heavy load on system so a lighter GUI can help in achieving faster computer speed.

For best performance you should use the following ‘Setting1’, however you can also opt for the second setting ie ‘Setting2’ if you want your windows to look not-so weird.

goto system properties, click advanced performance settings

[Click ‘Performance’ tab in ‘Advanced’ to see ‘Performance Options’]

custom settings for GUI for faster system performance

Default settings are for best appearance which puts lot of load over your laptop computer.

2. Next tip to speed up laptop is to keep C: drive healthy. Space of C: drive is basically meant for system files so its shouldn’t hold anything except system files and the installed softwares.

All downloaded files goes into C: drive, so you should make sure it goes directly to your D: or any other drive to prevent system drive from overloading.

To do this, move your ‘Downloads’ folder in C: drive to D: drive. This ensures all downloads goes into the ‘Downloads’ folder of D: drive.

move downloads folder to D drive

3. Don’t put much stuff on desktop [The very first window you see after login is the ‘desktop’]. It shouldn’t be bulky rather it should only hold the most important and frequently used softwares. Most people keep everything there, which makes computer slow to perform.

remove clutter from desktop for speedy computer performance

There are many other tweaks for increasing laptop speed but these 3 are probably the ones that make very big difference. Also, these are perfectly safe as we didn’t mess up with any system files.

One fine way of making your system faster is by loading programs faster than normal. But for this, booting(start) speed of the system slows up a bit. This method works fine if you’re intended to use system for long hours. We’ll discuss more on this in our next tutorial.

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