Simplest way to download YouTube video

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In this blog, we’ve 2 great things for you.

First we’ll tell you the simplest way to download a YouTube video, ‘simplest’ means really the simplest way. And secondly, you’ll get the fastest way of downloading those videos.

What you need?

Nothing much, you just need to download Internet Download Manager, unarguably the fastest download manager on internet. It’s more than 1.5 times faster than its closest competitor.

You might be using some other download accelerator, but believe me, this is the best one.

Just follow the link and first download Internet Download Manager. Install it and restart your browser.

Fastest way of downloading YouTube videos

Now go to YouTube and run any video.

From now onwards, whenever you’ll run a video,  a “Download This Video” link appear above it. Click it and download your YouTube video at superspeed.

Simplest way to download YouTube video

Click 'Download This Video' link to download video

Can you find a any better way, tell me if there is any. Enjoy!!!

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