Show fake error message on system boot and play prank on friends

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So you’ve got a friend who thinks himself as master of computer? If yes, here is a little thing you can do to make him look like fool.

You’ve heard of many batch file tricks and other stuff to play prank on friends. But the thing that we’re going to discuss today is more than just a prank. If it goes wrong, your system data would become history. So be a little cautious while doing this.

First you need to encrypt your system drive using TrueCrupt . Don’t worry, its fully safe. Once you do this, open TrueCrypt and carry out the following steps.

1. Goto System>Settings to see a block popping up.

play prank on friends by showing fake error message on system boot

2. Next check ‘Donot show any text in the pre-boot authentication screen’ to disable showing of any text by TrueCrypt.

Next enter a your fake error message. It could be anything like ‘Operating System not found’, ‘Missing Operating System’, ‘ROFL! You’ve been H*cked’, ‘This Computer will Never Start again’ or anything horrifying. Click ‘Save’ to finish the step.

play prank using truecrypt

3. TrueCrypt will show a warning saying that the system will appear frozen after doing this step. This is to show that system will not show any textual thing – like input to provide password, message when password mismatched and other messages. Also, operating system will not load untill correct TrueCrypt password is provided. Click ‘Yes’ to proceed.

4. That’s all! Now shutdown your computer and restart again. It’ll now show the error message.

Let your friend(s) find a way to get in. No one can get the system running until they provide the right password. But there is a catch here too.

On the error screen, there is no input field to provide the password. But it can be provided directly by entering on the message window.

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