Should you buy Aakash tablet, the cheapest computer?

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Hope you’ve read my last post on how to get an Aakash tablet? Yes, its the cheapest tablet computer launched by India on 5th October.

If you’re planning to buy one then first check out some pros and cons of the tablet before going in the market.

Why you should buy ‘Aakash’ tablet?

You should opt for this computer if you’re not keen to invest much and don’t require to work on heavy softwares. The tablet is for mild computing uses with an atom processor of 336MHz, 256 Mb RAM and 32 Gb memory.

Its best as a first computing device for school and college going students, it has WI-FI, SIM, external connectivity for camera.

Furthermore, the table has a screen size of 7′; looks pretty cute. It’s completely touchscreen based and you can round all functions with a ‘stylus’. The weight stands at just 350gms, less than 1/3rd weight of your laptop.

The cheapest tablet comes with a pre-installed pack of the latest Android 2.2 OS. And the most important thing that could place your answer as ‘YES’ is the cost which is slightly more than your per day pocket money. Students can get the tablet from their respective university/college paying Rs 1500 while other buyers would have to purchase it from market paying Rs 3000-3200.

Why you might say ‘No’?

Basically there is no big reason to say ‘No’ to this computer until you’re a tech-savvy kinda guy. When I used the Aakash tablet, I felt that the tablet heats up quickly which is not a good sign for a new gadget. Also, the battery is not long-living and died within an hour. The tablet also hangs up when one tries to install or run heavier programs or multiple programs simultaneously.

The other thing that needs a bit of concern is the non availability of customer care centers. Its important to have stations wherein students and village people can find solutions to technical problems with the tablet.

Initially, every new gadzet have some problems and this is no a different case. Overall, its a good device to have on your table but if you’re not yet ready to buy an Aakash tablet then you should wait untill mid 2012 when Aakash-2 would be on the scene.

Aakash-2 is an updated version of Aakash-1 with stronger processor, bigger RAM and improved battery life.

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