Short blogs or long blogs, which is better?

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Many legendary bloggers have thrown their views on the subject, some favoring longer blogs while some voting in favor of smaller ones. The point almost all of them underlined is – A good blog is one that’s to the point with a very little weedy stuff. There is no need to expand the blog size if there is nothing useful to include.

Yet most bloggers face the dilemma of weather writing shorter blogs or longer ones. Strictly speaking, both longer as well as shorter blogs hold merits and demerits of their own. Longer blogs are better if you have a good content and can bind the visitors through your attractive Smaller blogs are focused on providing content less descriptive in nature. Shorter blogs are more like news or a tip wherein you provide summarized content – could be a piece of information, tweak, a simple tutorial or anything that’s smaller in size. Longer blogs are often a bit redundant while smaller ones are to-the-point and correct. In addition to this, longer blogs are good for SEO as it makes easy to repeat and distribute keywords throughout the blog. Longer blogs are the best option if you’re also looking to get good search engine ranking in a relatively shorter time (pagerank still the biggest factor). Shorter ones are intended to quench simple ‘how to’ queries that’s of relatively low user interests and traffic.

It’s important to note that information sharing is the biggest thing rather than calculating the size of blogs. For me, a blog should include below mentioned content, no matter how lengthy it is,

  1. Writing useful content, relevant to the topic.
  2. Writing a bit interesting stuff, though a bit off target.
  3. Taking out unnecessary, non interesting content.
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