Share in CyberPassion Team

CyberPassion blog is not of one guy, its owned by the team called CyberPassion Team. All revenue from the site is distributed among the team members.

To become a team member/co-owner, reach us through our Facebook page or drop us an email at

Team member’s work

  1. The work is simple. Just write articles on regular basis. Make sure at least 30 blogs are contributed every month.
  2. If lesser number of blogs are contributed for 2 months, member’s share can be squeezed.
  3. Also, team members must promote site through their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and others. All articles on Cyberpassion must be shared from their social media accounts as well.

How shares are decided

  1. Getting more share is in the hands of team member only. We calculate member’s share by analyzing the number of articles written, pageviews and comments received to the articles written by each team member/co-owner.
  2. An article with unique content usually receives more pageviews. So always try to write good content on useful topics. To increase comments, ask your friends and mates to visit the site on regular basis. Sharing of articles through social media sites is another way of increasing pageviews and comments.
  3. Shares are analyzed after every 15 days and team members are informed via email. Payment is released on monthly basis.
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