How to send an entire movie to a friend

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You’re living in the US and has got one great movie. Now your friend in India wants to see the same, but he can’t as its not released there. What to do? How to send the entire movie through email?

In fact no service provider, Gmail, Yahoo or any other allows sending of such a bulk sized file. So you can’t mail a 700mb+ sized movie. Also you can’t upload it to YouTube or any other website due to copyright issues.

You can however share this movie using file sharing services like Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive. All you need is a free account with any of these services. Once you has it, upload the movie and add your friend’s email-id in sharing list and share it. Your friend will receive an email notification of this. He can simply follow the link in the email and download the entire movie to his computer.

By this way you can easily share the movie or any bulk sized file with one or more friends. Absolutely no need to rip the movie and send in pieces, which is a gruesomely long and old-school type idea.

This is one cool solution for sharing bulk sized files like movie, video/audio and other files rather than mailing them through unreliable third party services. Being a private data of the owner, shared data isn’t filtered to check for copyright violation. Hence you’re free from legal issues.

Most such services are free of cost to a certain limit.

Google recently launched its Google Drive service that allows you to share files/folders with friends. It provides a free limit of 5Gb for every user.

You can check our tutorial on sharing movies with friend using Google Drive.

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